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    K9 Kraving 5lb Turkey Patties

    $28.99 USD
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    Product description

    • Exceptionally high protein tones and supports muscle health
    • Turkey offers a natural source of chondroitin to nurture active joints
    • Bland protein offers exceptional digestive ease
    • Super low fat offers natural means of weight management
    • A novel and neutral protein

    KEY INGREDIENTS: Turkey Breast Meat, Turkey Organ Meat (Heart, Gizzards & Liver), Fresh Ground Turkey Bone, Fresh, Low-Carb Vegetables (Broccoli, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes), Shell-less Human Grade Hydrolyzed Egg Powder, Patented Vitamin Mineral & Trace Mineral Mix

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    K9 Kraving 5lb Turkey Patties

    $28.99 USD