Our friendly, knowledgeable, and highly trained The K9 Shop staff are ready to show you why we are the best in pet nutrition! 

The K9 Shop Feeding Calculator assists handlers in determining the best “starting point” for your individual canine’s nourishment needs. Results calculated using this tool offer a more concise answer compared to the simplified regulatory guidelines printed on our food label.

Simply fill in the fields, then calculate. Revisit the calculator often for growing pups or pregnant females, adjusting their increased weight each time.

Natural Raw Ingredients

Raw dog food is species appropriate and provides numerous health benefits.

Dental Benefits

Dogs fed commercial pet food often have poor dental hygiene.

Skin & Coat Improvements​

Many dogs fed commercial diets have a dull, lackluster appearance to their coats.


Some of our Premium Brands


Why Pets and Their Owners
LOVE The K9 Shop

  • My friend told me about the k9 shop in massapequa. I figured I would check it out since my 14 year old Boston, Riley, was having trouble eating. They were so nice and helpful. Riley and my 3 year old Jack Russell/Papillion mix, Mack, have been eating the food no problem and we notice a difference in Riley's eyes and energy. I highly recommend them. Not anymore expensive then canned wet food.

    — Kelly Glenn

  • Such a friendly place, the workers there are the best and they truly know all of their stuff about the correct food for your pet!

    — Anthony John

  • I just need to do a great big shout out to these guys. I’m a raw and holistic nutritionist based out of NJ. I have several clients in that area where the K9 shop is located. I can call and Chris is happy to help and pull items for my clients which is really amazing for my newbies that aren’t yet use to what we’re looking for. Today I find out they also carry adored beast! This store goes above and beyond in its selection and employees! Thank you!!

    — Bronwyn Natashia Farley

  • My poor Lucy is a nervous wreck when it comes to fireworks or thunder, it’s so bad she shakes horribly, paces and pants and nothing calms her down. A friend took me to the K9 shop and I picked up CBD treats and CBD oil. The house has shook a few times from the fireworks tonight and the most Lucy has done was pick up her head. She’s been so calm, I am so thankful to the K9 shop for making this evening so tolerable for Lucy. Thank you so much guys. I can’t tell you how happy my husband and I are with the results.

    — Antoinette Rose Amar

  • We love the K9 Shop! The staff is so helpful & knowledgeable. They were always willing to help me carry my order to the car after I had shoulder surgery. They know each customer & their dogs needs well, they always have answers for my questions & have made raw feeding so much easier than I thought it could be. They have a cute little photo area as well and are super dog friendly! My girl always gets lots of love and attention from the staff when I bring her in!

    — Jeanine Chang

  • I was a little hesitant at first to do Raw food for my dog, I always gave my dog dry food, and it always said on the bag that it was all natural with lots of vegetables and fruits, but he was always picking everything out. Once I went there, and I started to give him the raw f food he absolutely loves it. The girls were very helpful. He seems more happy and his stool is so much better. And I thought it was going to be very expensive but it’s not if you think about what you spend $60-$70 on a bag of food that you really don’t know what’s in it even though it says it’s natural this is so much better you’re spending just as much and it’s so worth it.

    — Author Name

  • I am so relieved to have found nutritious pet food our dog eats & seems to enjoy. And I’ve already noticed an uptick in her energy levels and more playfulness in her demeanor. Great product. Nice, clean store. Helpful staff. Very convenient.

    — Ann Masten

  • The K9 Shop is awesome! The staff, especially Elana, are very knowledgeable and go out of their way to help customers. They are also very generous with samples and treats for furry visitors. The prices are very competitive, especially for high quality, complete raw food. This is important because my dog Brooklyn’s rear legs were paralyzed when I adopted him, supposedly permanently. 18 months later, he’s about to begin physical therapy to hopefully learn to walk, as he’s regained feeling and movement in his back legs! Brooklyn started regaining feeling and movement after I put him on a raw diet, and I credit it as a major factor in his recovery. He also refuses to eat any kind of kibble, lol. Generously, the K-9 Shop has donated several products meant to facilitate his recovery. I’m so touched by their love of animals and their kindness.

    — Kelly Connolly

  • We ADORE that you carry the best leashes, collars, herbal remedies, raw goat milk, and treats that are actually nourishing. This is the place to not waste money, because you get out what you put into your dog! 💯 My pup and I loved the positive attention and seeing other happy pups, too.

    — Danielle Orenzow

  • K9 shop was amazing! We have our pitbull Paco on a raw food diet and we wanted to try something different in terms of raw food. So we stopped in and they had such a big selection and Jaime was SO helpful and loving to our paco. She gave us her recommendations and sound advice and opinions and overall great experience. I 10/10 recommend and would rate higher than 5 if I could. :)

    — Brittany Allan

  • Staff is awesome and they have some good prices. Most importantly, I saw serious improvements in my dog’s health when I switched her over to their raw food.

    — Dominic S.

  • My dogs are big allergy dogs; they saw the vet atleast 6-7 times per year. And I wasn’t sure about raw food for my dogs, since they can be picky. But after switching to the food at the K9 Shop, their coats and overall health have skyrocketed. They are much happier and more energetic, and they are two old boys (7 and 10 years old). Everyone in the store is extremely nice and helpful too. Always a great experience at the K9 Shop in Bohemia! They care about your dogs 🐶

    — Marco Scanni

  • I absolutely love this shop! Always has the best of everything! Honestly mind blowing with the stuff they have. Elana is freaking awesome and very informative. Love this store and staff. I do believe they should enroll a membership program or rewards program just to give alil something back to their loyal customers. If anyone has time go visit the shop!

    — Sal Scavone

  • Amazing and courteous staff! As soon as we walked in we were greeted by them, and they were knowledgeable and happy to answer all of our questions. Our dogs were ecstatic to be shown such adoration! As we browsed the store, the staff thoroughly answered any of our inquiries, and were asking permission to give our pups rewards to try and to nibble on. All in all this is one of the best pet stores on Long Island. Wide variety of food and treats available. If their vast menu doesn’t sell you on this shop the customer service will. You feel just as welcomed as your pups. Happy to support such helpful and friendly people! Can’t wait to go back.

    — W