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    Amber Naturalz HWF Clean Heart 16oz

    $119.99 USD
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    All frozen orders will be shipped Monday - Wednesday only and you must select
    a two-day service or less. All frozen orders need to be in no later than Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to be shipped out the same week.

    While we take precautions to pack your order with enough insulation and coolant to keep it cooled during transit, we cannot guarantee that orders will arrive completely frozen. Please note that we cannot control delays from shipping companies, which may impact the condition of your order upon arrival.

    If your order is delivered thawed, you have the option to safely re-freeze it or take advantage of the situation by dividing the frozen items into smaller portions and then re-freezing them. There is no problem when thawing and re-freezing raw meat used for pet food.

    Product description

    Maintain Cardiovascular health by supporting the body’s
    normal detoxification process of foreign substances due to environmental
    •  Maintaining a healthy circulatory system
    •  Maintaining a strong healthy heart
    •  Supporting the body’s normal cardio detoxification process
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    Amber Naturalz HWF Clean Heart 16oz

    $119.99 USD