Hint: Vibrant, healthy pets make for happy customers!

What Our Customers Say About Us

"My 10 year old chihuahua mix had become super lethargic, not eating but gaining weight and actively chewing and licking her front legs raw. The vet gave her a clean bill of health but I knew something wasn’t right. I decided to give raw a chance and I’m so glad I did. She’s now active like she was 5 years ago, happy and no more irritated spots on her legs. I can’t say enough good things about the staff there. After only 1 visit the manager knew my dog’s name and what she had recommended for her. What an amazing place! If you’re thinking about switching to raw this is the place to go!! Five stars all the way!!"

– Marissa

“The K9 shop helped me transition my 10 year old pug over to raw food and I can't thank them enough for their help and guidance. Biggie suffered from allergies for years and it suddenly had gotten really bad the last 6 months. His skin was red, scabbed and he was constantly licking and scratching. He has been on the diet for a little less than a month and I see a HUGE difference already. His ears are finally white and not red, his skin has about 50% less yeast and his scratching has been cut almost in half. I rarely see him scratch. No more zyrtec, benedryl and simplicef! It's amazing how diet really can change the animal. He trimmed down and his coat is shiny and soft. I can't thank them enough for their help and confidence!”

– Stacey

"Bear," my chocolate lab who is 8 years old, and who constantly suffered with skin conditions, ear infections and had developed stage one kidney disease, has been on the above diet for almost 1 1/2 years now, and the results have been very obvious. Bear has not had an ear infection, or skin problem since I switched him to this diet and his kidney disease has not progressed at all. He also, has been much more energetic and is finally at a lean healthy weight."

– Diana

"My dogs absolutely love The K9 Shop and their raw K-9 Kraving food! My Mastiff puppy is thriving of it and my older pit bull and chihuahua look forward to their meals with an enthusiasm they never had before! Also, very friendly and highly knowledgeable service! They also carry Primal and Answers pet food with a full line of natural treats and supplements. Stop by. You won’t be disappointed!"

– Peter

“This Place is Amazing they got everything my dog needs to thrive... They have a bunch of prebiotics,dog chews and an awesome selection of Raw Meat. I was recommended a Prebiotic while in the store by another costumer it's called (Love Bugs ) and it helped my Pitbull with his skin and shedding within a few days....Can't recommended this place and a Raw Diet enough”

– Wilson

More Success Stories!

  • "The K9 Shop in Lynbrook saved my dog’s life- Jolie, a short haired miniature dachshund pup. We had spent hundreds of dollars on her at the vet- we suspected she had allergies. Jolie developed sores on her skin and was dramatically losing weight. The vet couldn’t figure it out and recommended giving her steroids even though she was under 7 months old at the time. Thanks to K9 Shop in Lynbrook, Jolie now plays outside, doesn’t scratch or have skin sores and is not flakey. Jolie’s coat is shining and she has gained weight. The K9 Shop in Lynbrook saved our puppies life! On behalf of Jolie- thank you K9 Shop in Lynbrook! Y’all are the best! Jolie is now a happy, healthy 8.5 month old puppy- living her best life!"

    - AM

  • "Danny, Darren and the staff were absolutely the best! My dog suffers from the worst allergies! With all the help of the K9 shop staff I was able to get Max & Lola on great food, healthy treats and supplements! We saw a difference within a week! So happy to have such a great local place for our fur babies!"

    - Alyssa DeMarco

  • "I have not been able to find many stores in Brooklyn that provide food for dogs raw diet. I found the K9 store on an internet search. I traveled out this morning and was able to find what I was looking for. Many options available. Very welcoming and helpful atmosphere. This will be my go to in the future. I recommend the trip from city."

    - I Casey

  • "Our 8 year old dog had suffered from dry skin And constantly scratched. After years of fish oil pills and allergy shots from the vet, it never subsided. After three days of using this product, it stopped 100%!! it is all natural and costs $29.99. Worth every penny! Our dog is relaxed, happy and no longer suffering! I still can’t believe it. I highly recommend this product. The staff at the K9 Shop in Lynbrook could not have been more helpful. Stop in and see Darrin."

    - Laura Ryder

  • "This is a wonderful place! I'm so happy our neighbors told us about them. My pup was having gastrointestinal issues, we were at our wits end trying to find something he liked that was healthy for him. None of the dry dog food was working, he started to skip meals- which isn't healthy for a 6 month old puppy. It was getting to the point we were going to have the vet run some expensive tests and procedures. But the crew here saved us. The minute we explained his issues they suggested a simple diet of K9 chicken & vegetables and goats milk. They told us he would improve in a couple of days and they weren't lying. He now eats all of his food in one sitting and his bowel movements are wonderful. He is a happy puppy and we are a happy family. Thank you! The team here is so knowledgeable and friendly- just wonderful!"

    - Tiffany Harvin

  • "The service is outstanding and the owner of the store took the time to explain the products and discussed with me my options for my cat. He asked all the right questions to find out as much information as possible so we could make an informed decision. The store was clean, well organized and bright. Plenty of parking and convenient location. My cat loved the treats and the salmon cakes. Next time we will add some variety and have my cat try some meat products."

    - Christopher Arlotta

  • "Went in to check out a new store in Lynbrook and was pleasantly surprised how different and amazing the product was compared to other dog/cat food places. The owner Dan and staff were all very helpful and knowledgeable of the product. Will definitely be back as my dog loved everything I brought home."

    - Michael Pellizzi

  • "While traveling the first time with the pups, I discovered we didn’t bring enough dog food. Thank goodness for this new store in Lynbrook we didn’t have travel far to reload on the quality food we require for our furry children! Raw food is the only food we will feed our pups since it keeps them healthy from the inside out. No more skin irritation or upset bellies which require expensive trips to the doggie doctor.I was pleased find holistic alternatives to prescribed medications and knowledgeable staff to explain things to me there as well. Also, we all were happy to find a variety of natural treats that I didn’t have to search the web and wait for delivery right there to take with us. Happy Canine, Happy Life!!"

    - Peter Gallagher

  • "My dog LOVES the treats I got from here!! They have an amazing selection of healthy dog and cat foods. The workers were also so friendly and helped me pick out the perfect foods for my Golden. So happy they opened up nearby, and so is my pup Nala!!"

    - J S

  • "Met the team at the K9 shop, couldn't be a nicer group. Happy, helpful, and knowledgeable! My dog loved the raw food and the duck liver treats. Highly recommended stop for dog lovers!"

    - Keith Donaldson

  • "I came across a new store in Lynbrook, NY called K9 that sells "All Natural" Raw Dog Food. I've been looking for a pet food store much like this for quite awhile now. My dog absolutely loves the food 😋 !! Also the store is very well decorated with a warm friendly feel to it. The new owners are knowlegable and professional. I highly recommend stopping in for yourself!!"

    - Stephen Murphy

  • "Went in for a few Christmas treats for my furry friends and I was wowed. The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and my dog already got a sneak peak present and was happy. This will be my new and only store for my pet’s appetite! ♥️"

    - Theresa Euler

  • "Yesterday I visited the new K9 shop in Lynbrook. I met the staff and they couldn’t have been nicer and very informative. I have never used the Raw food but apparently my pup loved it. It’s great to see a new opening and such enthusiasm. Best of luck."

    - Vincent LOPRINZI

  • "Friendly knowledgeable staff , my boxer used to suffer with digestive issues before switching to a raw diet- no more issues, his energy is up, his coat is shiny- so happy to have this shop nearby!"

    - Laura Carroll

  • "Super friendly, knowledgeable, and great stock of natural, raw, and/or single ingredient foods and treats for Banjo (pictured here). Highly recommend and I will definitely be back!"

    - Hyunah Park