All of our products are USDA certified human grade quality.  We strive to only carry products that are made in the USA.  The products listed in the first section (above the blue line) are complete meals.  Each of these products contain muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

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The K9 Shop is proud to carry the complete line of K-9 Kraving products.  If you are interested in retail or wholesale please contact K9 Distribution, 516-59K-9RAW

If you don’t see something you are looking for, please call or email.  We have the ability to special order many different products.

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The following items  are considered specialty items. Some of these we stock, others can be ordered with a two week notice.  If you would like to get any item on a regular basis, we will be happy to keep it in stock for you.

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  • All prices are subject to change.
  • We strive to keep only the freshest items in stock, there may be times some items are not in stock and will need to be ordered.