Natural Rawhide The Perfect Choice


Are you still looking for an alternative to a nasty rawhide bone?  As we have all seen and read rawhide is terribly bad for your dog.  The bone is made from glue and other by-products and then scented to make your dog love it.  Are you ok with feeding your dog indigestible materials?

Let’s look at the process of creating rawhide.  As I already stated rawhide is a highly-processed product. First the hair and fat are removed with ash-lye or sodium sulphide. Then the rawhide is split from the leather using more chemicals. Then the rawhide is cleaned and whitened using bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or even formaldehyde. Then to make it palatable for dogs, dyes and artificial flavorings are added. Oh, and along the way there are numerous chemical preservatives, especially if it’s being imported.


So, you are still with me?  Let’s discuss how it indigestible…Even “well made” rawhide is potentially hazardous. The chewing and saliva eventually soften the rawhide until pieces can be torn off and swallowed. This can be a choking hazard particularly for a small dog. Rawhide is an indigestible material, and it must be passed intact. If the dog can’t pass it, it can cause a variety of gastrointestinal issues, including blockages that can require life-saving surgery.

So, what are the alternatives to nasty white rawhide bones?  The answer is NATURAL AND ORGANIC.  Today you can find natural rawhide that is essentially the hide from the cow that has been sun dried.  No chemicals, no preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavoring, just plain and simple sun dried cowhide straight from the farm.

The K9 Shop is the only place on Long Island that you can get these natural rawhide treats, but they sell out fast!  If you are still looking for other alternatives The K9 Shop has other items such as, bully sticks, beef trachea, beef tendons, beef ligaments, beef hearts, duck feet, and other products that your dog will love to chew.  If you have any questions about rawhide or other treats for your dog reach out to us at The K9 Shop516-400-3RAW


Here is a great video from Dr. Karen Becker showing exactly how rawhide is made




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