Do You Know What’s In Your Dog’s Food? The K9 Shop Does!

One of the biggest questions we face today is knowing what is in our pet’s food.  We are becoming healthier and are striving to monitor our food eliminating preservatives, fillers, carbohydrates, etc.  So why shouldn’t we be doing the same for our dogs and cats?  They are also part of the family and should be afforded the same healthy food types that we eat.  This is where The K9 Shop comes into the picture.  We strive to take the guesswork out of this process for you.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself how does The K9 Shop know exactly what is in the product?  The simple answer is, BECAUSE WE VISIT THE MANUFACTURING FACILITIES!

Yes, you heard correct, The K9 Shop recently visited one of our top brands, K-9 Kraving,  We were invited down by the owner of this incredible brand to tour the facilities, meet the staff and best of all see the product being made.  What we witnessed during this visit was nothing short of a first-class organization that cares about their staff, product and its reputation.

K-9 Kraving does not boast about being one of the super brands in the raw food business.  These large brands are the ones that hide behind closed doors, focus on quantity not quality, will never allow a tour of their plant and never comment on their ingredients or sources.

K-9 Kraving was the first raw food to be approved “human grade” by the USDA, and they have still maintained this status today.  All of the products that go into the food are sourced from the United States, preferably locally sourced from around their plant in Baltimore, MD.  This includes all of the meats and produce.  What The K9 Shop witnessed in their plant was fresh produce and top-quality meats that were recently delivered and of the highest quality.

One thing that really hit a homerun with us was the fact that they have limited freezer space for storing completed product.  To solve this problem product is shipped out right after it is made.  There is no back stock or storage, everything goes out freshly made.

There are really no words that can sum up this trip down to K-9 Kraving.  We were absolutely amazed.  Every piece of product that comes out of their doors has been personally inspected by the owner.  Every ingredient is of the highest quality.  Every order is shipped out immediately after it is manufactured.  The staff is treated like family and K-9 Kraving provides them lunch every day.  Most of all they are 100% transparent and welcome questions about their product.  This is why The K9 Shop chooses to use K-9 Kraving as one of their premier brands.

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